Poems by
Pavalamani Pragasam

You and I

a poem by Pavalamani Pragasam

A figure has its shadow,
And a sound its echo.

You and I are a similar pair-
But not so well do we fare.

‘Cos you’re my distorted shadow,
And a perverse, contradictory echo.

I gaze at the rainbow with childlike glee,
You just shrug at the natural phenomenon.

A flowing, silver cascade again
Is for you a mere force of gravitation.

I rejoice when I hear wedding bells,
But you think of fetters and shackles.

Marital bliss as I see
Is for you a doom in disguise.

I find in the babe a bundle of joy,
The same, for you, is a burden of yoke.

I love youth, mirth and laughter;
Brooding alone is what you prefer.

I greet the day that is born;
You weep the day that is gone.

You scowl at the black cloud,
I smile at the silver lining behind.

Firm is my faith in Providence;
Resigned, you are, to Destiny.

North and south poles are, indeed, opposite-
Yet, there’s an attraction they cannot resist.

An eggshell houses yolks two- yellow and white,
My soul, alike, holds minds two- grim and bright.

An intriguing psycho-paradox, perhaps,
Hard to define, harder to live with.