Poems by
Nidhi Batra

Life – Unknown, Yet Known

a poem by Nidhi Batra

“Knock, Knock.”
“Who’s there?” I ask, towards the door I walk.
“I am…” said the unknown.
I thought, “This can’t be my own clone.”
Even though I didn’t make out the last word.
The voice again said, “Don’t worry, I will not hurt you.”

I wanted to shout at it,
For it was giving me a ‘cause for a terrible fit,
But I was suddenly very calm.
I wanted to escort the unknown to a high place, maybe to a tree of palm.
I opened the door,
But, no one could I see, from roof to floor.
Then, I heard a cool voice,
‘It is me, your life,’ said it and then, told me to rejoice.
It didn’t have to tell,
For soon, out of joy, aloud did I yell,
So much so, that in a distance, I heard rings of bell,
And I felt as though, it fell in hell or well.
I soon got the energy of Duracell!

Life become lifeless,
Like that of a stone,
Without any tone in voice, no, not even on phone.
Believe me, it becomes that of a lifeless cone,
That only a dog will chew you, having mistaken you for a bone!

This is what was happening with me.
In dark, slimy sea,
Was I drowning, each second darkness only, could I see.
And then!
Knocks saved me from death,
Life, granted to me by unknown whom I never met,
Yet I met the unknown, this was certainly set.