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Me and my Family

a poem by Monika

Monika is my name,
Tanwar is surname.
I am 14 by age,
likes to eat and play.

My sis is Soni Ben,
she very great.
She is my elder sis,
and a pretty miss.
Respect her Indian culture,
look yellow like sulphur.
She is my inspiration,
but never taught me even a single lesson.
I used to fight with her,
but never complains from mum.

Then comes my sweet mother,
she is soft by nature.
She makes me feel better,
when I become sad, ever
I do respect her lot,
b’coz she is a great mom.

My father is fat just like me,
I used to fight with him on little things.
He gives me what I want
and also ideal thought.
So, he is my great pop,
and I am his sweet dot.

Lastly, I thank god,
for whatever I’ve got.