Poems by
Mona Mathur

Futile Efforts

a poem by Mona Mathur

Futile are my efforts
To wash off your memories
Which have made a place in the corner of my heart
Your memories just tear my heart apart
Leaving a blazing wound
That ignites every now and then

Tired of fighting against your thoughts
It was you, who taught me to love
And it was you, who also taught me the harsh lesson which says
To never ever get emotionally involved with anyone in this world

When you turned your back
My life, just halted!!
The world seemed to end
The flowers, seemed to lost their fragrance
Heart seemed to have skipped a beat
Everything just remained still

Years have passed by
Time has flown away
Everything has changed, but what has not changed
Is my unconditional love

Although, I am aware of
The way you had left me all alone
And didn’t live up to your commitments
But, till today not a single day passes
Without thinking of you
I just cannot run away from your thoughts
Don’t know why but still your thought
Brings tears and breaks me apart

I hope that someday
I will be liberated from your thoughts
But wonder whether “Will that day ever come!”