Poems by
Miryam Masih Nahar

To the Glory of God

a poem by Miryam Masih Nahar

Back to the land that was once my darkest memory
To my humble situation, just around the corner.
My NRSV packed in a box.
But a Gideon Bible, “half a Bible” for some you see,
Has words to comfort, just as in the land
That was once my darkest memory.

Love came and went, and so did my warmth
So how can I tell you
It wasn’t your love Beloved,
Though used by God it would be,
It wasn’t your love that won me.

Because of your words I believed in Jesus
My Beloved Yeshua,
Because of your words, I first believed.
Because of your words, I found my Beloved.
Because of your words, He first found me.

Because of your words, I heard Him speak
My Friend of the outcaste, who first loved me.
And now I know He really loves me
Since I no longer live, But Jesus lives in me.

Glory to God, to God alone!
May my words speak Yeshua’s words,
That would cut through stone.
My soul to glorify my Lord, my Jesus,
My spirit’s strength is God’s rejoicing.

Truly, it’s as you say,
I am blessed,
Because of what God has done for me.
And I have believed
That what the Lord has said to me
Will be, will be accomplished.

How I long, all for whom Jesus died,
That daily I would die with Yeshua,
And daily to rise with Him.
To speak to you His words
That would bring into you,
Every word towards,
The New Life in Yeshua,
The world’s only true Saviour.