Poems by
Meera Shanmugam

Death: A Mystery

a poem by Meera Shanmugam

Death, thy remains a mystery to me,
Wherever I go, thee I see,
On the roads to give solace to the down trodden,
And in the skies to those who wish for science to broaden,
Are you a sadist?
Are you a murderer?
Are you a sacrificer? Or,
Are you a soul gatherer?
What pleasure do you get taking away ones so dear?
Remind us of your presence and fill us with fear,
A fear that tomorrow will bring about another loss,
A loss without reason, one for which we will never know the cause.
A cause, which if exists we cannot accept,
A cause that demands a person to be condemned to death.
The cause could not have been executed only by the will of the soul,
Even the body would have played at least an inkling role,
Why then do you leave behind the flesh and blood?
Without the spirit that we had loved.