Poems by
Madhavi S J

At Heaven’s Gate

a poem by Madhavi S J

Goodbye friend for eternity,
I didn’t know you were gone.
The memories fade as the days pass by-
as each dark night turns to morn.
So, why do I think of you now,
so sadly and feeling so alone?
Why do I try so hard to recall
The memories so clearly etched in stone?
Why do I keep the feelings locked
and bolted shut from within?
Why do I want to keep the memories sacred
and untouched by the mad worldly din?
Why does your memory eat up from inside
and choke me through and through?
And why isn’t the flash of your smile
enough to turn my grey skies blue?
What happened to that bond we shared?
What broke that special tie?
It broke when you left, my friend,
You didn’t turn and say goodbye.
Forgive me my friend for being selfish
I didn’t know what happened to you.
But from you I demand a farewell,
I know, to me, a farewell was rightly due.
I don’t know when I’ll see you next
Or if it will be too late.
But I have a feeling that when I’m there,
You’ll be standing at heaven’s gate.