Poems by
Madeira Aftab

Imaginary Lines

a poem by Madeira Aftab

We shut ourselves
in narrow walls, beliefs
imaginary lines
and just inhibit our growth
What to question, whom to wrong
you love your dog
you love the sunsets and sunrise
the stars, the rainbow
even that lizard
on the wall maybe
but when it comes to humans
we question the feeling
the possibility, the reason
the right and wrong
misunderstood, relationship-bound
tortured over, closing our hearts
we bemoan the loneliness
what sad beings we are
love thy neighbour we say
limiting to next door
believing it’s said ’cause
they test your patience
to the limits…
anything you love, anyone at all
be it rose, rainbow or rain
man, woman or child
feel the joy within you
touching the skies
and flying high
finding that elusive
God we all look for
didn’t we feel him
unknowingly maybe
but could you compare
that warm hug your child gave you
carefree and full of love
spontaneous, ready and trusting
whom did you feel…
how do we soar, how do we find…
we never reach out, never touch
illusions, elusive always leave us
wanting, incomplete…
a farmer planted pumpkins
on his land
for no reason he put
one in a glass jar
which only grew as big as it’s size
we have the freedom
are born with it
but these glass jars
we each does it to ourselves
and with limited sight, space, thinking
go out to find ourselves and God…
happiness just round the bend
forget to even look within our hearts!!
Shackles- ever-tightening, narrowing, choking
Yet we blame life-never ourselves
And continue to exist-Caged
Never checking the bars
Not even to try!