Poems by
Latha Mohan


a poem by Latha Mohan

Week by week
The month goes by,
Month by month
The year goes by,
As the clock ticks the drumbeat
To my march towards the grave,
I can only exclaim in utter dismay,
Oh! have I done enough in my earthly stay?

Have I gazed enough into the eyes of my loved ones,
Have I kissed my mother of late even once,
Have I watched the sun set and dip into the horizon,
Have I heard the bird until it finished it’s song?

Have I given and forgiven enough,
Have I striven and been driven enough?
Have I broken free of the fetters that bind
Or balanced my breath to conquer my mind?

To how many hearts have I brought cheer?
From how many faces have I wiped a tear?
In the stillness of the night when I heard a cry
Did I pretend to sleep and said there are others nearby?

I regret
For time lost in trivial pursuits,
For climbing shadow trees in search of their fruits,
For having hurried past when I could’ve stopped and smiled,
For missing God’s smile in the face of a sleeping child.

But then I know, that it’s never too late,
To live and cherish every moment of the day,
Month by month
The year goes by
And year by year
My life’s gone by.