Poems by
Karan Lulla

The Times

a poem by Karan Lulla

The times we shared,
I remember,
memories which were
sweet and tender…

You taught me
what it was to love,
you taught me
what it was to care
you taught me how to share
now I know what all these feelings really are
but in this process you went very far…

It made me believe that I was nothing without you
I was like a plant and you were my water
I was a body and you were my soul
these feelings I wanted to express
but before I could; you left me soulless…

The times, you know I still remember
you were like from heaven a messenger
who conveyed the message that “it was nice to love”
yes, its nice I agree
only for those who can see
that it is the soul you love
not the tender feeling of touch…

Then why do I miss you
why do I cry
if I do not love you but your soul
I do not know the answer
but this much I assure
that if you come back by my side
forever I will abide…