Poems by
Kannan S R

Up in the Clouds

a poem by Kannan S R

I was lying in the meadow with my eyes seeking the sky;
The sky was blue as usual
Some charming clouds were hovering below it,
They arrested my attention,and I forgot the sky.

How carefree and effervescent they were above me
Merging into each other,making an eye catching blend,
My mind and heart leapt out to them
They made me forget the wet grass below me.

All my troubles and sorrows were washed away
My only thought was about those heavenly carpets
I wanted to fly with them,looking down on earth,
They entered my body, and my heart was gay.

How thoughtful of them to shower us with water,
They were kind enough to cover the sun
Thereby stopping it from scalding me,
They were the sentinels of my thought,nothing else seemed to matter.

For me time stood still,I absorbed them with my greedy eyes,
Their different shades astounded me,
They seemed to change their shapes at will
They were more than match to my tiny eyes.

I looked around to see if anyone else was sharing my joy
Then when I looked up there were no clouds there,
I was lying in the meadow with the sun beating down on me
They had all rolled away, leaving me to stare at the vast clear sky.