Poems by
Josh Brown


a poem by Josh Brown

Who am I to complain
People would die for what I contain
Filled up the eyes with pride
But there is no respect for my side
Nothing but oppression of thought
Soon the spider will poison the bug it caught
Shadows seen in parking lots
These people don’t have pain or thoughts

Broken Heart
A Fighting Parent
A Starving Immigrant
A Life Less Eminent
Lack of belief
A strong believer
A little flu
A major fever
Join the fight,
Don’t just hover
Kill the White,
Name no Color
Equality for All,
Oppression of None
Free the Borders,
Join as One

Remember the web that we must spin
Slowly as these words soak in

I cannot feel the pain of refugees
I cannot feel the racism of the nazis
I cannot feel the struggle for success
But I’m trying to do my best