Poems by
John Niederhauser

Mourns of return

a poem by John Niederhauser

As the cool night air surrounds my body and sharply touches my senses.
The breeze brings the coldness of her words.
Her careless actions have cut me down to my soul,
A wound so deep my spirit weeps.
Deep blue tears drown my heart and my mind the frigid water leaves me gasping for air.
I fight for a breath of reason and beg for a mere thought of compassion.
The deeds that have been rendered will not halt to haunt me.
Still my love remains even thou she dose not.
Memories so beautiful my heart mourns for the return of her love,
She is the one my spirit longs for.
So as I wait for her return,
I will dream of the time when I can feel her spirit gently embrace mine,
And gaze into those passionate eyes, and remember the love I always adored,
And then I will be where I belong in her arms.