Poems by
John Celes Dr.

Sonnet: 58th Indian Independence-Day

a poem by John Celes Dr.

‘Tis fifty-eight years since India turned afree!
Our homage to all freedom-fighters great;
The blood of martyrs won freedom ably;
‘Satyagraha’, ‘Ahimsa’ set the date.

The Nation’s Father, Gandhiji was brave;
He etched a place that none can ev’r surpass;
The peace-tilak, tricolor flag, he gave;
We tend to forget how he fought, alas!

India’s democracy’s exemplary;
We want the world to live in amity;
‘Peaceful Co-existence’ message, we carry;
We will preserve India’s integrity.

Despite our problems and diversity,
Patriotism’s our university.

Dedicated to the ‘Father of the Indian Nation’