Poems by
Gunpreet Singh

Dear NRIs

a poem by Gunpreet Singh

There became Here
When you went from Here to There.
Then why does it take so much time
to come from There to Here.

Time took you from Here to There.
But, its time again to return
From There to Here.

If There are your boots
Then Here are your roots.
Why not be the one
To grab the early fruits.

Come fast, don’t delay!
Or, you will miss the chance.
Because they from There may come Here
And leave you There to dance.

One day they will be back There
From where they belong.
What keeps You waiting
When present is just a song.

Think fast and use your power
To strengthen your roots.
Don’t let those out There
Capture the falling fruits.

You are welcomed back Here
With the same folded hands.
Shake away those feelings
and reorganise your bands.

We thank you for the respect
You have gathered in foreign lands.
But we assure that you will be greeted
With the same folded hands,
With the same folded hands.