Poems by
Gopikrishnan Pisharody

In the Moon-Light

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

In the moonlight,
night in east woods;
my mind is wandering back;
of peaceful memories;
feeding of cattle,
with the pleasing smile;
mixing of hay and grain
cheering the heart and mind.

I have lived in a farm
I want to be a farmer;
glad sunshine break,
my sweat dreams.

Oh! What that plow?
O man of mud
A duty he fulfills;
deep down in to the will,
with sorrows and happy
life he had, laughing bending wheat.

The braising of grains;
harvest on the full year;
from white to green;
Love; hearting songs
telling to the soil,
glories, that you seen
and after, he had done…