Poems by
Gayathri E


a poem by Gayathri E

Nature’s fury,
Nature’s anger,
Tsunami, cyclones,
Earthquakes, fire
We blame the nature.
The fire and rain and
Sky and earth
We blame it behalf trees,
We blame it behalf animals,
We blame it behalf ourselves,
We blame it again,
Again and again
Aren’t these nature?
Aren’t we nature?
Why is this prejudice?
Prejudice against one’s self

Sixth sense technology,
Evolution, big brain
Let’s justify, justify the mistakes done,
And the ones to be done.
We cut down trees,
Make tables and chairs,
Alter air,
With smoke and conditioning
Ruin water,
Spoil air,
Leave them to rot,
After we’ve used them though.
We destruct, demolish,
Spoil and ruin.
Are we angry?
Are we furious?
When these are borne,
By our co-habitants,
Let us bear
Bear with their change.