Poems by
Francisco Huaracha

A Smile of Perfection

a poem by Francisco Huaracha

A smile of perfection is what I noticed when I first saw you
And in your eyes I saw a love that could be so true
Everytime I talk to you on the phone I wish I could be right next to you
And with your precious smile you sink every guy through
When we talk it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time
And I wanna say that I would love for you to be mine
You just don’t know how I truly feel about you
And a love truly shown is what I picture of us two
When we’re not talking, thoughts of you run through my mind
And I know a true perfect guy for you is hard to find
I know I may not be perfect, but I know I’ll treat you right
And seeing you smiling is something I picture every night
I know that I’ve messed up with girlfriends in the past
But all my girlfriends just passed by so fast
And with you I can see that our love would truly last
I know that you have doubts believing guys in this matter
But if you ever come to me, then I promise to you that our love will never shatter
I know that love is a special thing to people should faithfully share
And if you come to me, I promise a love that none will ever compare
If you ever come to me, I can see that it would be such a blissful day
And if you ever come my way, just know I’m truly here to stay
And the feelings I have for you I truly don’t want them to go away
I know that we haven’t known each other that long
But if you’ll be mine I promise I won’t ever do you wrong
And from the first day we talked, you showed me so much affection
And honestly without any doubt or question
You truly showed me that you have a smile of perfection.