Poems by
Elavarasan M


a poem by Elavarasan M

Colour is Nature’s gift
Rainbow shows the different colours
Sky and ocean are Bluish Nature
Why the endless things are Blue coloured?
Is it Nature or God?
I don’t know; I don’t know!

In my dream
I am on the desertship
Sailing to find golden mount
My camel foot prints
Passing in Golden coloured sand
In my vision
Sand mount seems like synthesized gold
Is it Nature or God?
I don’t know! I don’t know!

Which is colouring the Butterfly?
Who coloured the fish in Aquarium?
What is the mystery behind the velvet coloured sheep?
Is it Nature? Or God’s creature
I want to know

Colours are different
Every colour is giving an instinct
Taste differs from person to person
Like colours also differ
Colourless world is much boredom
Colourful world is welcoming our dream
Dream your colour and
Dream your life
As you like, as you like.