Poems by
Divya R

Silent Mudras…

a poem by Divya R

The scintillating white wonder,
The master of expression,
the divine ‘abhinayas’ of life.
the thousand petalled lamp,
symphony of inspiration

O! Eternal brilliance,
embellishing the woman’s heart,
engendering the beauty,
gracefulness to the body,
the buoyant vibration and melody.

Does to the adorned,
what the sun does to flowers,
colours them,
refreshes them with the nature’s pride.
Replenishes the intoxicating radiance,
across all ages, in the road of life,
the grand secret prize, the creator we revere!!

From the intrigue black hole,
there comes the splendour of light,
fusion, the play of li’l rainbows,
a treat to the eyes,
music to the soul,
a thing of beauty, a joy for ever!

The diamond reaps the beats of harmonious unity,
the carbon love bond,
trendy heart stealers,
a wireless message…
a soft whisper…
I love you!!!