Poems by
Dhruv Katoch


a poem by Dhruv Katoch

Follow your destiny, follow your star
Follow your feelings, just be what you are
Life is too complex and woefully short
Do listen at times to the beat of your heart.

It’s not merely high heels or sandals or shoes
Or shimmering chiffon with dainty hair do
Or living in bungalows and travelling in cars
Dancing in discos or drinking in bars.

For fashion is magic, it’s that feeling you get
Of crackling warm fire when you’re cold and wet
It’s the feel of the wind on a hot summer day
An enchanting first kiss that holds you in sway.

Fashion is freedom, the freedom of choice
To dress and to act to make you feel nice
Fashion is personal, it’s got something to do
With that pleasant feeling, that’s all about you.