Poems by
Deeksha Marur

Truth about my weakness

a poem by Deeksha Marur

Betrayal wasn’t enough, he broke my heart
Empty promises weren’t enough, he broke them too
Unanswered questions slowly being answered
Nonsensical talks, drunken escapades
Everything’s now making sense!

Reason for rejection, the unfulfilled empty and,
Stale cliched promises broken from within;
My heart broken into pieces;
Shocked and shattered
Dejected and rejected, mixed emotions
Flowing inside of me.
No chance of faith
No room for hope to heal the wound inside of me and help me stay strong.

Ain’t no peace, ain’t no loving,
Within me all that is left is nothing,
A million pieces of my heart on the floor resembles the shattered pieces of a mirror
This has got me weakened from within.
To think of him as my friend is my mistake and
To let him walk on my heart was my weakness.

He was my weakness as well as strength
But now my own strengths all gone and broken my trust;
What to believe and what not to I cannot tell.
The weakness remains the same and the strength’s all faded and grey.
Both my strength and trust betrayed but then
Nothing changes the truth about my weakness.

However much it hurts me, it never made a difference to him
When I confessed my love to him he denied
And I never let him see the hurt I felt
Pain and sorrow played upon me,
He didn’t see and never will
I still loved him for who he was without thinking about me but then I forgot
That nothing changes the truth about my weakness.

All the hurt that was given I took without complaining;
I smiled as I cried from within, just to see him happy
And not let any of my tears or pain be seen.
His happiness alone was within mine
Never was any of my pain seen cause I realized
Nothing’s going to change the truth about my weakness

Nothing will change the hurt and heal the wound inside of me
Nothing will change the simple truths about my weakness
As I learn to live strong and face the truth
Memories of him running through my mind
It hurts me, it makes me cry, it pains me
The truths about my weakness.

The wasted tears, unwanted attention,
The unnecessary talks about love,
Everything makes a fool of me
The love I had turned out a joke
My feelings made insensitive
From the feeling of everything nothing is left
Soar from within I’m hurting because of the truths about my weakness.