Poems by
Chanakya Hridaya

The end of the Earth

a poem by Chanakya Hridaya

The end was nearing; time was up,
Humanity had destroyed all.
There was no hope left; only despair,
the Earth was saying its last prayer.

It was too late now, all was lost.
The Earth was going.
And the cause were humans.
They were the destroyers, they were the killers.

They had killed relentlessly,
the black-hearted humans.
Killed without purpose, killed without shame.
They had murdered the Earth.

The game was up, no time left.
Earth was leaving, it said goodbye.
And to think of it, it was all started by humans.
They had finished the Earth with neither shame nor fear.

But now, the humans had to pay,
they were sorry, they repented.
But… it was too late.
The earth was gone, gone departed,
taking with it everyone.