Poems by
Atul James Singh


a poem by Atul James Singh

Waiting are my pair of eyes,
For the sun to make another rise;
For a new dawn to split apart,
For a healing of this broken heart.

Waiting am I for a different night,
When stars would set the heavens bright;
When moon would gradually change its pace,
Winning glories, in the planetary race.

Waiting am I for a different world,
When the flag of peace shall be unfurled;
When white would overpower the red,
And a message of love, care and compassion are spread.

Waiting is this heart of mine,
When all the colours together shine;
Holding a black hand is a hand yellow,
And a white’s companion is a wheatish fellow.

Waiting for a different world is my soul,
When one single roof covers the generation whole;
No more is there demarcation of regions,
And ‘Brotherhood’ forms the new universal religion.

O Lord! We make thee a humble plead,
Bind the world irrespective of colour or creed;
And let this waiting of mine come to an end,
For divided we fall, and united we stand.