Poems by
Atashi Roy Chaudhury

The Hermitage

a poem by Atashi Roy Chaudhury

Life was joyous, full of mirth
lustrous and colourful was this earth.
Clear and transparent was each day
they were relics that I still portray.
The passing crowd was my own
but today I’m left all alone
in the midst of that crowd
which was my very own.
My soul’s in a grave in somnolence
with no one to break its reticence.
It’s locked and chained in a desert unknown
in the midst of that desert
where life is demise as my own.
There lies the ashes of a burnt out hope
the mutiny within makes my heart elope.
Tortured and tormented have I been
but my soul is still calm and serene.
Help me! please be my own
take me to the land which is your own.
To make me feel safe and secure
where no one can injure
the heart which is my very own
in the midst of a tranquil
that is no more unknown.