Poems by
Aswini Mishra


a poem by Aswini Mishra

Guns and bombs make a day out of night
It’s an amazing sight
Of course that’s before you see the bodies and blood
Not red, but a brown mixture with blood

The deafening sounds of shells
Act as a soundtrack to screams and yells
Raw pain and death, there’s no glory here
Only desperation and fear

There’s a man dead but he’s still getting shot
He’s in the line of fire, no one moves him from the spot
So every now and then he twitches
With the impact of bullets hitting him like switches

It’s almost like a rhythmic motion
But he ain’t noticed in the commotion
Nothing sadder than the fall of humanity
How our profanity can defy gravity

Nationalism is legal terrorism
You can try and wrap it in worldly wisdom
But I don’t see why a man should kill another man
Just ‘coz statesmen couldn’t agree on a plan

WW2 was the worst but it made sense
Like men, all nations have the right to self defense
But now we go to war over politics
Demonstrations in schools and colleges

That leads to more politics being played
But the guns have been shot, bodies been laid
This ain’t a political statement I’m making
This is real, this ain’t faking

Tears of blood glistening like red pearls
I just hope we can leave a better world
For the next generation of boys and girls
I just hope we can leave a better world