Poems by
Asha Sunil

To my lonely ranger

a poem by Asha Sunil

Hey there, my lonely ranger
Its been so long since you said Hi
May be you thought you scared me away
Or may be you thought I said good bye

Would you believe it if I say I’m still here
Right where you left me in tears
Waiting for another chance to reach out to you
There is an unspoken little bond that awaits to be renewed

I wonder how you’d have been as a kid
Would there still be this bull-headedness
That quick temper that flashes so oft
Or where they just what time has stamped
Over a smile that could have been so soft?

Maybe if we’d met in a different time
Shared a candy or two, said different lines
Built a few castles in our backyards
I’d have cracked a few walls around your heart
And yeah, that would have been a better start…

There is no meaning… hoping for a past
When even the present would not forever last
Still I’m searching for the lost little kid
Who peeks out sometimes before you shut the lid