Poems by
Asha Gundecha

A Recipe of Successful Business

a poem by Asha Gundecha

Ingredients : Proprietor, Capital, Staff, Management, Place of Business, Product, Service

Spices : Advertisement, Public relations, Discounts, Customer Services, Gifts

Toppings : Love, Smile, Faith

Method :

Step 1 : To start preparing a good profitable business,
we should take a major part of Capital,
good selective staff who are efficient to do job.

Step 2 : Mix them, with faith and your product
service in the vessel of the Company
and place it on the gas (Market).

Step 3 : Heat it on the furnace of the energy and hardwork and let it boil for sometime.

Step 4 : Keep stirring well, till you realise basic profits.

Step 5 : Add the essence of spices mentioned above and mix well again.

Step 6 : Garnish with customer surprises, gifts and discounts.

Step 7 : Serve Hot with Love in your heart and beautiful smile on your face and faith in God.