Poems by
Anuraag Chowdhry

Will dreams come true?

a poem by Anuraag Chowdhry

The wind was a gush of gloom
among the tempestuous trees.
The moon was a eerie galleon
tossed upon cloudy seas,
and my mind started assuming,
I assumed up to the limits.
And what I assumed was awesome
a girl coming towards me,
she was as beautiful as one can ever think.
Appearance she had was of brownie,
and wore a dress called tawny.
A smile from her made me glad,
but who knows it was true or I was mad,
but vanished in darkness.
And again and again my mind assumed,
and assumed up to the limits.
This time I prayed if my imagination
appears to be true.
I will be as happy as one can be;
but, alas, my imagination failed and
I started thinking of a tale.
Again she appeared in my dream
and after a moment vanished again.
It appears to be as she has dismissed me from her mind
but now if I am asked my answer