Poems by
Annabelle Tarapor


a poem by Annabelle Tarapor

When I was a child, I had little sense;
Thought a pound was less than a single pence!
Nothing seemed as serious to me… hence,
did not worry, get anxious or tense.

I enjoyed that part very much,
No excitement, never a rush;
No expectations, not a clue,
Was it me or was it you?

No inhibitions, not at all,
if by chance, on the street you fall.
You make a friend anywhere
never noticing dark or fair.

Very innocent, or so true,
Loving many, hurting few.
Song and laughter mean so much
Warm and tender is your touch.

But then you have to grow one day…
be responsible, for work and play!
You have to choose your words to say…
You have to work to get your pay!

Then, you must be recognised,
as someone who is smart,
Knowledge is the most important part
of our lives; right from the very start!

Mothers tell us that we must be wise
Always tell the truth, never tell lies!
Be good to all, big or small…
You must eat well, to grow up tall.

Read good books, improve your looks,
Always hang your clothes on the hook!
Be careful where you go and what you do,
Make many friends, trust only a few!

Hence our lives take a drastic turn,
with so many things we have to learn!
When to smile and when to frown,
dress up in the city, be casual in the town!

That is why we can never be true:
We are just cons: me and you!
We find it hard to say a simple “No”,
Lest we hurt a friend ,who becomes a foe!

Why can’t we be who we want to?
Why can’t we say, as we must?
Why don’t we rely on our senses?
Why do we live within fences?

I’d like to grow up, to be a child:
Does this make sense to you?
I want to ride a rainbow with colours of red and blue.
And live among the fish, beneath the ocean blue!

I’d like to be a fairy, with multicoloured wings,
Or a pretty little robin who visits in the Spring.
I’d like to be a tiger, with stripes of yellow and black,
Or maybe, a strange ‘ol kangaroo, with his joey on his back!

These are just my fantasies: these are only dreams,
I know that I will have to face the World, and reality!
But when I’m lonely, when I’m blue,
My dreams are what carry me through…

For: you must have a dream, for it to come true,
You must have a plan for your life to be new:
Remember:knowledge is acquired by all of us,
But, ‘Wisdom’, just a few!!!