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Difficult Lover

a poem by Anand

No one can love you like I do dear,
I really cannot explain what I’m going through
But if you are smart enough to know, you will know that
All my thoughts and actions are only for you

I may scold you, I make demands so high
And finally I may make you cry
But if you are shrewd enough, you will know
I’m too waiting to do as you say, without asking why

I have seen you smile, I have seen you cry
I have seen you close, so close to my eye
Now I’m here, all alone feeling all marooned
Seems like I’m waiting here only to die

Its okay dear, I know it, its hard for you too
But you somehow manage to fake a smile
But I’m not that talented dear, I can’t do it
For I feel, its me that I’m trying to beguile

Please don’t think its another poetry
Every word comes from my heart as a piece
You are so great dear, I won’t ask any more
Just one thing… don’t ever change… please!!!

Because as I said, no one can love you like I do!!