Poems by
Adria Janae Potter


a poem by Adria Janae Potter

How do I tell you we are better off alone?
Sometimes I wish we could start over again
How can I tell you, if not over the phone?
I wouldn’t hurt you, you wouldn’t hurt me then

It doesn’t feel real, it doesn’t feel right
We used to be close, things used to be great
But now my parents and I are starting to fight
They think I will lie and that I am a fake

How would you feel if I was gone
Would I feel the same without you
What would happen if I said “I’m done”
Could we still be friends after all we’ve been through

I know I hurt you and your friends
It hurts me too and I hope you can deal
It is unreal to believe this is the end
But please don’t be afraid to tell me how you feel

It is better to end this now before it gets worse
We are starting to argue, soon we will fight
It really scares me that I could be wrong
But even more that I could be right