Poems by
Abhishek Kaushik

That’s what I think about you

a poem by Abhishek Kaushik

With innocence in her eyes,
and a lovely smile on her face,
The pretty girl carries herself,
With dignity and grace.

She’s blessed with 2 lovely hair-curls,
Which tenderly kiss her cheeks,
I hope she needs someone to take care of them,
And if so, then believe me,
This is the job, which millions of guys would seek.

From this place to that place,
She moves on her little scooty,
And people in her way, fall here and there,
All spellbound by the charisma of this heavenly beauty.

As far as her love for jewelry is concerned,
Is ladki ka kya kehena!
Though she is 24 carat Gold in herself,
God knows why she spends all her Sundays at ‘Kalicharan ka Gahena.’

Add to this her love for sentimental poetry,
Just to prove that she’s got a warm heart with feelings.
But I fail to understand, why does she not believe in ‘True Love’,
Nor cares about the guys, the hearts of whom she is so apt in stealing.

Whenever I wanna spend some time with her,
And ask her out for a date,
She says she’ll need something called ‘Permission’,
For she’s not allowed to remain out till so late.

Anyways, it’s pretty tough for me to do so,
But still I would confess it to all,
That maybe I am somewhat besotted by the beauty of this gorgeous girl,
The girl who weighs 52 kgs and stands 164 cm tall.

I hope she realizes, what I can never explicitly say.
I hope she realizes this before I go.
I hope she realizes something, which, she taught me.
That you do, what you want to do, NOW.
Because you never know ke “KAL HO NA HO”.