Poems by
Abhishek John Samuel


a poem by Abhishek John Samuel

Life will be a paradox, for people as you and me,
We are yet to discover, truths of life neverseen;
To stand firm as the eagle on the rock, and believe,
Or stand free, and change; choose your destiny.

I’ll be a lonely dove, in the eye of the storm,
I’ll venture into unknown heights and explore the gloomy deep;
I may tame myself in the way of my choosing,
But these paths, I pray, will once again let us meet.

Remember the talk, the smiles and the tears,
We slowly learned to change with the years;
Remember the promise that our hearts tried to make,
In saying “I’ll stand by you forever.”

As time goes by, we shall see,
The cleansing fire which forever will be-
The silent destroyer of what time built,
Except that which life, loved or freed.

So till this world fades away,
I hope our paths shall cross again;
And I believe, in the ever-changing sands of time,
Two footprints will remain together,
Yours and mine.