Poems by
Abhishek Chauhan


a poem by Abhishek Chauhan

Here’s me, the one more you,
although you may let go,
but I’d still haunt you.
So now you are mad at me,
finding ways to wish away,
but friend I’d still devour you…

I’m the dream that you couldn’t dare to,
the fantasy that you wouldn’t care to.
I’m the Evil your gateway of pain,
with me your world ain’t the same again.

I’m the fear that gives you creeps,
the excuse that lies within you deep.
I’m the love that you cherished for long,
the hate that your heart blooms on…

Here’s me the one more you
and its your turn to bid adieu.
For its the time before your nubility,
that brings me on to you…

I’m the pain that’s in your pleas,
and the screams that are in your dreams.
I’m the evil the end of your game,
with me your world won`t be the same.

I’m the prince of forbidden land,
and the song of a tormented band.
I’m the harlot that is so unclean,
and the look that`s telling I`m so mean.

I’m the fantasy that you wouldn’t care to,
the dream that you couldn’t dare to.
I’m the EVIL your source of pain,
and I’ll be the end of your game!!!!

(….end with evil laugh…)