Poems by
Abhimanyu Rawat

The 7 Months of Hernan Ray – Part 5

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

Dearest Felicia,
We have seen lots of peace over the past few months
I cherish these moments of tranquility
For this is when I think the most
I lie down on the green grass
I look onto the plains from the hillock
I let the wind blow on to my face
Every drop of rain rejuvenates my soul
But one image perturbs me
These beautiful fields
Full of pools of blood
Rivers of red criss-cross these plains
Is this what life has become worth?
War is against everything that man has ever stood for
There are people like us here
But do we just kill for he is in blue and I in red
No, Felicia
The horror that is war shall stop here
We heard that they are retreating
I shall be home soon