Poems published in January 2022

Let Me Sleep

a poem by Ayush Verma

I searched for the stars amidst the night grey
Maybe hidden by the clouds of coal
Or did I took too long and now they are far away
For these vain thoughts wearies my soul

I see my father’s record player, broken
The one he used to love and honored high
My mother’s deary bangles, just like rainbow colors frozen
But the shattered pieces of them in garden caught my eye
Busy life with thoughts unspoken
I ask myself “Is it too hard to bring back the days gone by.”

Once again, I gaze the midnight sky above
Reminiscing over the memories spend
Longing for just some sprinkles of love
From a long lost friend

Betwixt the burden of future and family mess
Pushed out loved ones, friends afar
Everyday putting fake faces to impress
Loneliness’ deep scar

But this night on the pastures green
Underneath this sky blue
Covered in stars few
Let me be free, let me weep
Let it all be over
Just let me sleep