Poems published in October 2021

A Butterfly is a Butterfly

a poem by Christuraj Alex

It was a bright beautiful morning!
A bunch of human beings
Who claimed themselves, butterfly watchers
Entered into a beautiful garden
Filled with butterflies
Of various colors, forms, shapes, structures, sizes…
Observing and analyzing
Diverse aspects of butterflies

This was what, by way of thought, they said:
Witnessing the strife toward
Existence of the butterflies, they said:
Strife is the bliss of life…
Noticing the solemn flying nature, they said:
Single-mindedness is the sense of duty…
Perceiving the mutual relationship,
Between the butterflies and flowers, they said:
Agape all times alters altitudes,
As in deserts, an oasis alters even altitudes…
Seeing the young and old, men and women,
Running after the butterflies, they said:
Fly after butterflies, that you might feel
As though born-again…
Discerning the temporary and tentative
Nature of the butterflies, they said:
One must know that life is nothing but
Just a quintessence of dust…
Judging the nature of butterflies,
This way and that, they said:
Neti… Neti… which means
Neither this nor that
Pondering over the short and flimsy
Life-span of butterflies, they said:

Thus, the so-called butterfly watchers
Went on creating various concepts
Philosophies and theologies on butterflies
But, the butterflies, just kept on flying
And fluttering around characteristically–

This is because –
Whether one appreciates or depreciates a butterfly
One should know the actual fact, that –
Ultimately –
A butterfly is a butterfly!