Poems published in February 2021

My Passion for Cricket

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

A pair of bats and a tennis ball
along with eleven members in each team
is what cricket needs;
raise your spirits high,
gather near the playground–
let us see who lags
and who leads.

Overs might be two or ten,
a good batsman must know how to loft and when;
the more you score,
the better is your lucky chance;
fight for the runs,
have lots of fun–
either a dismissive failure or a glorious victory,
play in such a way that
it creates a golden history.

Grab as many wickets as you can,
I convey this to every persistent bowler from deep within my heart,
as I am your biggest fan;
save the passing boundaries,
limit the increasing run rate,
stay focused during the entire game–
only the last ball decides its fate.

At the end of an exhaustive match,
you must shake hands with each other,
regardless the final results of your utmost efforts;
this displays your true sportsmanship,
a respectful innings on your trivial name.