Poems published in October 2020

Grandpa Tree

a poem by Hannah

Standing in the middle of village,
shining in the bright sun heat,
making friendship with sun and soil,
his name in tree.

When brown leafs that seems to die as soon,
asked him to tell his long story as his last wish on this earth,
with a sigh, he started:
“Oh my child, recollecting my stories is too hard,
I was rooted on this land by a small child,
He gifted me water for a while and gifted me a friend, the sun.
I became the safe place for man to take rest,
now too, still in my oldness, I’m a shelter for him.
But, do you know who humans are,
In front of my eyes,
fiery eyed humans killed my son’s and daughter’s without looking
that there father is in front of him.
They want us for medicines,
For books and their accessories,
I’m a tree too old and I know I will rest in soul once, it will be soon,
but I can’t rest in peace as my siblings are killed by the humans,
some humans are so good,
they write about our lives, speak about, but it’s of no use.
God made us in a way, as we needed to be the slaves of him”