Poems published in August 2020

Part of the Journey is the End

a poem by Riya Chaudhary

I woke up with a smile on my face
When the dawn nurtured me with sunshine rays

Now that I have to be home all day
I’m having the smile frequently but
I miss my friends a lot… I must say

Teasing each other and sharing our food
All these things enlightening our mood
Heart was filled by a next level excitement
Because of getting day to day new assignments

I’m recollecting the memories
When we laughed at gatherings
Participating in more activities
Was fun rather, as we developed more connectivity

Now that time flew like a fly
And the pressure of getting a job is high
Wish I could capture every moment
In the camera of my eye
My heart is hurting to say good bye

Part of the journey is the end
But every journey is incomplete without good friends
A good friend is indeed family
Who will remain together in upcoming years hopefully

I wish I could live those days again
Staying away from you causes pain
See you buddies soon
So as to gain my lost smile again…