Poems published in May 2019

Daily Stuff

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

As I woke up early this morning,
I had your thought in my mind;
long time had been
since the last time I saw you.
Do you feel the same about me?
To know the fact,
I am quite keen.

Typing these lines
in keep notes app,
I gently smile
looking at the screen.
Waiting for you
to come online,
I listen to the FM radio
for a while.

Hours have past already yet,
I don’t see any of your signs.
Still, I continue
working out on this poem,
beseated in a fibre chair,
feeling now a bit tiresome.

As I try to take a short nap,
yawning with my mouth
wide open,
I recollect you again;
become alert,
shaking my head
at a sudden.

Imagining you
fallen asleep on your bed,
dreaming about
some yummy treats.
As I call you
‘cute little fluffy cat’-
that’s your nickname, right?
You bite my fingers
assuming them as sugar sweets.

Out of words,
I am caught up here,
please help me proceed
adding linkers to it further.
Starts my stomach,
gurgling with hunger;
I am leaving briefly
to hand myself
a glass of cold water.