Poems published in March 2019

Misunderstanding and Forgiveness

a poem by Pushpendra Chouhan

The way you enter in my life, like a twinkling star
And make my life sweet like a chocobar

The last bench, seated an innocent girl
Away from the crowd, look like pearl

The sweet smile with short pink lips
The first word from her and my heart slips

And this is the start, how you enter my life
I always feel special, with your vibes

Time flies, we fly and you fly miles and miles away
I thought, now, we apart and don’t meet now, as far far away

But again we met, it’s online
I felt what, I can’t describe

But again just because a little misunderstanding, I felt again I lost my life
I never ever said, how much I miss

This again, is my attempt to make you smile
Please forgive my nonsense and come back in my life

I am really missing your texts, your smile and your everything in my life
Please forgive and come back again and make me alive