Poems published in March 2019

Addicted to an Nonaddictive Life

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

The desert of happiness
served in the plate of life
has now been ruined
with the sudden drop of a bloody knife
-the blade that tore apart
my warm heart into two,
drained all my treasures
of well-being and prosperity too.

The ‘heat’ is lost,
‘ice age’ has begun;
every pulse running through my arteries
now seems damp and frozen.

My eyes appear physically fit
physiologically they are dim;
what shall I do-
bear such an ugly life
or always blame Him?

Addictions never let escape
provided since
a ‘nurturing’ environment;
wanting to free my heavy mind off
the boredom of daily routine,
I seek out some light entertainment.

I lie down wearily
with the sun setting low
on my creaking walnut bed;
I pray to God
for a bright day to come,
a moment before I am dead.