Poems published in November 2018

Tongue twister

a poem by Swarit Verma

Tongue twister
Which makes me fear
It teases my tongue
With no fun

I saw susie sitting in shoe shine shop
What is my matter
Its her wish
Where she wants to sit
Why I have to twist
And confuse my mind
Thinking thrice

Second comes
Fried fried fish fresh fried fish
Its looks like a tasty dish
But I dint get
So why to confuse
My mind
With the fresh fish fried

Red lorry yellow lorry
I am sorry
But it driving me mad
Sad sad and sad

Now its all done
Without any fun
But really
It has been said
That tongue twister
Makes our tounge dead

But lots of practice
Can help
To change ours mind
If we will work like
Wind wind and wined