Poems published in October 2017

My life completes…

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Isolated past don’t make me grief
I had not stolen your importance
I had not confined your boundary
Your horrible scenes
Knock me in the night
Your sexy reminders
Knock me all the day
Darkness just hate me
Because your smiles be the lamp
That’s you my dearest circle
You draw my curve up
Without expecting quality
Without expecting perfection
No occasion for togetherness
No reason for conditioned behaviour
But you are sensitive and caring
We kill our ego’s when splitting rises
We can fight when there is no reason
And club when we chill
And gather when we bid
This magical going is affordable
Sharable and enjoyable
Please my best pal’s
My life
Don’t take my unknown joy
Let’s be one
To make our soul’s one