Poems published in November 2015

The Battlefield

a poem by Vijaynath

The incessant rain all through the night,
the intimidating thunders, like a mammoth
metal sheet scrolled again and again on a rock,
its echo reverberating on the horizon and
the carnival continued all night long

The band of night singers and their accompaniment
simply vanished before the rain started spoiling
their show; the rhythm of the fall and blast
of the thunder synchronising the tune
of nature’s symphony of fury

The charade ceased before dawn, leaving
the shivering and weeping trees for their loss,
the separated limbs lying down there and looking
up in surrender like fallen soldiers on the ground

Bushes and their clans, drenched, dripping,
shocked and shivering, looking for the sun
for help to be up and the submerged grass
struggling to breath and rise

Channels like slithering snakes leading
the water away and all around lay broken
branches and fallen leaves and the scenario
looks like a battlefield after a night long fierce war