Poems published in May 2014

Love Story

a poem by Sameer

Once they met; a feckless god and a loving devil,
it was passion at first sight in an eternity of desires,
the colors bloomed and the seasons cried in thrill,
when the opposites coupled and the souls wired,

God reveled, dancing from the pristine love in Devil’s eye,
Devil moaned, in a new cloud of senses she always denied,
they wept, they laughed, they kissed and they loved,
until a miracle swelled Devil’s belly and God’s pride,

The Universe was born with a responsible God,
the evil smiled to mother a precious new born,
God whispered gentle breeze and Devil possessed with storms,
the marriage faded as mutinies adorned,

God’s love tormented Devil’s sensual beauty,
the parents collided on each others duty,
it rained planets and stars from god’s mouth,
and black holes loomed from evils loath,

The Universe wept, bleeding their hearts,
when the parents rose to a wailing creation,
Hugging one another, God spoke;
‘you both shall bring this world unto me’,
and Devil agreed in the unity of realization!