Poems published in May 2014

It’s a Love Story

a poem by Roopa Nanjesh

By the river side,
Going on a bicycle ride,
Enjoying the cool breeze,
The moment waited for me to seize.

Blue was the sky,
Bright was the sun,
Clear was the flowing water,
Greener were the trees.

Birds chirped happily,
Butterflies flew all around,
Rabbits, squirrels and deer,
Danced around without fear.

Pieces of broken tree,
Dried leaves that were free,
Formed their humble home,
That looked like the castle of Rome.

Under the trees so tall,
That formed a mystic wall,
Dancing to the music of rain,
The little fellas formed a train.

Joining them was my pleasure,
Their friendship did I treasure,
We sang a happy song,
Until it rained no long,
Then I said ‘So long!’.

I walked a distance to pick a flower,
On my head could I feel the shower,
The showers of rain,
Stored on the bower.

As I stood there happy and gay,
I heard footsteps not so far away,
I stepped aside to give way,
While the squirrel ran into his drey.

Along came a man so charming,
He looked like he could,
Keep things humming,
Brown was his eyes, Dark was his hair,
He was tall and handsome, I swear.

He clearly had lost his way,
And I had had a field day,
He walked up to me to say-
But I was ‘miles away’.
Very softly did he ask,
‘Are you okay?’

There I stood, mesmerized.
By his beauty and gentleness,
Had not met a man before,
Who made me go weak in the knees.

He looked into my eye,
And left out a deep sigh,
Very gently did he hold my hand
And pushed aside a lock of hair.

My heart skipped a beat,
I knew we were destined to meet,
My stomach went tight,
I felt this has got to be right.

He whispered into my ear,
‘Why didn’t we meet before’,
A smile on my face I wore,
And could not say anything more.

Still holding my hand he asked,
‘Will you show me the way?’
Gently did I nod though I had lots to say,
But quietly did I walk,
While he started to talk.

I spoke too,
Every now and then.
He had held my hand,
Never to let go again.