Which came first – Egg or Hen?

a poem by Ramesh T A

Mother is the source and symbol of love for mankind;
Mother’s day helps to remember the value of her duty;
She does everything without expecting anything in return;
So, the image of mother is the personification of love.

Assisting Sri Aurobindo, Mira Alfassa became the mother
To materialise his philosophy for the salvation of mankind;
To set his life divine in action, she laid the foundation; and
Auroville, the city of dawn brings humanity to live together.

Before his mother, Christ endured torture before crufixion;
His body blood blotted out by her in the clothe bore his image,
To reveal his personality ever to the posterity in the world;
By doing so the mother has become the God first before God.

Lakshmi, Sakti and Saraswati symbolise wealth, power and knowledge
Only Mother Earth bears the brunt of war and violence of mankind;
For everything mother comes first before the realisation of man;
So, without the hen, how could the egg have come into the world?